Barbed wire in the construction industry development trend

Now the construction industry has developed rapidly. Some big building developers are using new building techniques in high-rise buildings, workshops and elsewhere. The use of construction nets, barbed wire and other nets to replace the manual binding of rebar has been widely used in the construction industry.

The advantages of barbed wire in the construction industry are as follows:

Barbed wire guarantees engineering quality: the barbed wire is under strict quality control of the factory. It is made by automatic intelligent production line. Grid standards, reinforcement standards and quality are strictly controlled. Avoid manual binding will cause mesh loss, binding instability, binding negligence and cutting corners. The mesh has high rigidity, good elasticity, uniform and accurate spacing and high weld point strength. As a result, the quality of the project has been greatly improved.

The seismic anti-crack function of the wire mesh: the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the wire mesh form a network structure, which has good adhesion and anchorage property to the concrete, the load can be evenly distributed, and the resistance and anti-crack property of the seismic reinforced concrete structure are significantly improved. According to the actual inspection, compared with the artificial binding network, the construction of barbed wire can reduce the occurrence of cracks by more than 75%.

Barbed wire saves the amount of rebar: many coiled rebar currently in use have a planned strength value of 210N/mm, and welded steel mesh has a planned strength value of 360N/mm. According to the principle of equal strength replacement, and considering the induction coefficient, the use of barbed wire can save more than 30% of the amount of steel. The wire mesh does not need to be reprocessed after it arrives at the construction site, so there is no waste.

Post time: Jul-02-2020