What are the kinds of common tie Yi guardrail network?

1. Frame guardrail net

The frame guardrail net is also called “the frame type anti-climbing welding sheet net”, “the frame isolation grid” and so on. It is an assembly of very flexible products, frame guardrail net widely used, popular than the general guardrail net high, column can be processed into mobile form, convenient for users in different occasions to use, in addition, frame guardrail net impact resistance performance is very good, compared with the general guardrail net to enhance the ability to double. Widely used in China’s roads, railways, highways, etc. It can be made into permanent network wall and can be used as temporary isolation net.

2. Triangular bending guardrail net

Triangular-bending guardrail net, unique embedded hook design, so that the column and the fence form a solid whole. This product appearance design has won the French industrial design Award, and obtained the patent certificate. Excellent performance, the products use high quality raw materials, and after special surface treatment, high corrosion resistance. The finished products enjoy ten years’ quality guarantee. Easy to install, no special accessories are needed during the product installation, adopting the propulsive installation mode, easy to hold, simple and quick, and reduce the cost. The surface treatment generally adopts the process of galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high adhesion electrostatic polyester spraying color nearly 200 kinds of color and frosted surface treatment. Optional installation method of Seine : (optional) direct landfill installation on low wall or cement floor through flange installation safety accessories (optional) according to the safety protection requirements of the site, elbow, barbed wire, barbed wire can be installed on the Seine.

3. Bilateral silk fence net

Bilateral wire guardrail network structure is simple, less material, low processing cost, convenient for long-distance transportation, so the project cost is low; The bottom of the Seine is integrated with the brick and concrete wall, which effectively overcomes the weakness of insufficient stiffness of the net and enhances the protection performance. Now it is generally accepted by customers with large dosage. Double wire guardrail net USES the high quality wire rod as the raw material, passes the galvanization, the coating front primer and the high adhesion powder spraying three layer protection welding type net piece, has the day long anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet characteristic. The surface of the fence is galvanized and sprayed, or optionally covered with a plastic cap or rain cap. According to the different environment and installation method, embedding 50cm and adding base can be selected. Connect the mesh and column of the double wire fence with screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All screws are automatically anti – theft. The accessories can also be designed according to the customer’s specific requirements.

4. Stadium fence

Stadium fence net also known as “stadium fence”, “stadium fence “; It is a new type of protection product specially designed for the stadium. It has high body and strong anti-climbing ability. The stadium fence net belongs to a kind of enclosure net. It is: “sports Seine”, can be installed in the field construction column, Seine, the biggest feature of the product is strong flexibility, can be adjusted according to the requirements of the mesh structure, shape and size. The stadium fence is referred to as “sports fence”, which is a kind of on-site installation, wherein the fence post and fence site construction, the biggest characteristic of the product is strong flexibility, can adjust the structural shape and size according to the site requirements at any time.

Post time: Jul-02-2020