• Gabion Box

    Gabion Box

    Overall growth of the square structure, mainly used for river, bank slope, It Can prevent the river bank from being eroded by the current, wind and waves.In the construction process, the cage is filled with stone materials, which constitute the integral material with flexible structure and strong permeability, which is conducive to promoting the rapid growth of natural plants.

  • Window Screen

    Window Screen

    Window Screen Netting Series
    We are able to produce varied kinds of Mosquito Screen Netting which is mainly used to against Mosquito and flies or other flying worms.

    Assortments Material Available: 
    * Galvanized Iron Wire Netting
    * Enameled Iron Wire Netting,
    * (Alloy) Aluminum Netting,
    * Fiber Glass Netting & Plastic Wire Netting & Nylon     Netting
    * Stainless Steel Wire Netting

  • Tomato Spiral

    Tomato Spiral

    It is a climbing carrier for vine woody plants and climbing herbs. It is widely used in greenhouses, plant landscaping, indoor potted plants, garden flowers and landscaping due to its flexible and diverse use, durability, bending with the shape and bending with the trend.

  • Screw and Anchor

    Screw and Anchor

    The ground post generally goes through cutting, deformation, welding, pickling, hot plating, and other processes, Pickling and hot dip galvanized are important anti-corrosive processes.

  • Barbed wire and Razor wire

    Barbed wire and Razor wire

    Barbed wire is a kind of isolation and protection net formed by various weaving techniques by winding barbed wire on the main wire (strands) by means of barbed wire machine.

    The surface treatment method is galvanized and PVC plastic coated.

    There is three types of the barbed wire:

    * Single twisted barbed wire

    * Double twisted barbed wire

    * Traditional twisted barbed wire

  • Nails


    Common Nail   Diameter: 1.2mm-6.0mm Length: 25mm(1 inch)-152 mm (6 inches) Material: Q195 Surface treatment: Polished,Zinc Plated/ Black Zinc Plated Packing specification: 1.In bulk 2. The commodity packing 3. Shipping packing: cartons of 25 kg/CTN, etc. 4. According to the customers’ request.   Concrete Nail   Diameter : 1.2mm-5.0mm Length: 12mm(1/2 inches) — 250mm(10inches) Material: #45 steel Surface treatment: Zinc, Black Zinc Plated/Black Zinc Plated Packing specification: 1....